Global Update Notes 08-11-2018

We just finished the update of 08-11-2018. This update contains the following improvements and bug fixes.

Improvements and new features

HR-Workflow is live

From today it is possible to go through an hr workflow (action list) with a (type of) employee. A Case can be started at the employee and tasks can be activated in the case. The tasks can be assigned to a user with access to the employee. Case and Workflows can also be created as default.

New Hamburger menu

In this update we gave the "hamburger menu" a new behavior and appearance. The hamburger menu is the menu with the three dashes, visible under the period on the right, and is available at company and employee level. This menu always contains all the options you have the rights to.


  • The menu is pre-loaded, which means less loading time;
  • The menu is available on every page of company and employee level, so there is no need to change pages anymore;
  • You can search directly in the menu;
  • If 1 option is left-over, the Enter button will redirect you to the searched page;
  • More information has been added about what can be found on the detail page.



Amount of employer fee & SLF not matching amount calculated by tax authorities

The amount of employer fee & SLF as calculated by Nmbrs differed from the amount expected by the tax authorities. Also, the employer fee for employees born in the year 1953 or later was taxed incorrectly. This has been fixed.

Payment in advance vs. RedovisninsPeriod in AGI export and wage tax declaration overview

The RedovisninsPeriod in the AGI export and wage tax declaration overview was not correct  if Payment in advance was turned off (set to false). With this update, the RedovisningsPeriod in the export now correctly equals the period of the export + 1.

Add validation on day of birth

As there was no validation on the day of birth in the New employee wizard, the New employee mutation form and the Personal info dashlet, this could result in errors when creating wage tax declarations. We added a validation for a correct date (format) and for the year (should be between 1900 and today).


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