Global Update Notes 07-01-2021

We just finished the update of 07-01-2021.

Feature Change

Change in interface for Employee List.

We have changed the user interface and experience in the Employee List and the changes includes new filters, sorting and pagination. Please check the article for more information.

Microloon TXT converter no longer shown

Support for the microloon text converter was removed some time ago. We have also removed it from the actual converter installation and microloon conversions should now always use CSV format.



New UI for SSO buttons on Login Page

The SSO buttons for the login page is changed. You can see the new button here

File Management - Swedish Language displayed on the control elements

We enabled the controls (create new, edit, etc.) on the File Management tool to display the elements in Swedish. Almost all elements are translated.




It was not possible to edit a HR Signal setting on a Debtor that had a HR Workflow with a "&" character. This is fixed now.

Report Wage Components - loading forever

With wrong inputs the report would never stop loading at the user wouldn't receive an error message.

Report Wage Components - Drop down changes year

In the report Wage Components on master level users would by mistake chose the wrong year because the drop down would change it to 2014. This is fixed.

Enter button saves the Custom HR Workflow

Pressing Enter when having a Custom HR Workflow open would close the pop-up without saving. This is now changed so you won't lose valuable work.

Compensation hours error opening detail page

When opening the detail page of the compensation hours you would get the error: "The given key was not present in the dictionary". This is fixed now.

Hour code FT/factor should divide by pro rata factor

Hours code calculation FT/factor divides with the pro rata factor.

Inconsistent import file

The import file was inconsistent through converters, now that has been fixed and all the fields are the same.

Start button showing

The start button was showing for customers that were not in the onboarding anymore. This has now been fixed.


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