Global Update Notes 23-12-2020

We just finished the update of 23-12-2020. 


With the following updaet, we will make a change on the UI/UX of the Employee List. These changes includes: new filters, sorting, pagination. We expect to deliver it on the first week of 2021 (07-01-2021) and here's a quick preview of what it will look like:



New token called Complete Surname (based on ascription)

A while ago we renamed the Ascription token to Full Name (based on ascription), because that was what's being generated.
However, this doesn't remove the need to sometimes use the Surname based on the ascription, in e.g. contracts. To keep the options open of combining it with a first name or the initials, we created the token Complete Surname (based on ascription).

Based on what is set on the Ascription in Personal Information we generate the surname. The default there is Only Surname. If the setting is for example Partner name - Surname and the Partner name is not filled, we won't generate the token.

Warning when removing a Send, Sign, Fill or Apply tasks in the HR Workflows

After a wish on our community, we added a warning to the HR Workflow Settings pop-up when a user clicked to remove a Send, Sign, Fill or Apply, since those tasks depend on each other.

Re-assign all tasks after completing one

Completing a task in an HR Workflow now triggers Nmbrs® to check whether it is possible to re-assign tasks that couldn't be assigned on the moment of creation. This solves especially some issues on the Hire & Onboard HR Workflow when the employee login was signing as the second person.

[SE] FORA missing social security number

When creating the FORA export and an employee was missing the social security number, then you would get the an unreadable error. We changed this to "There are employees in the file without a social security number." Followed by the list of employees that don't have the social security number.

[SE] Leave settings 'Use variable leave payments'

We removed the leave setting "Use variable leave payments" because this setting (when disabled) caused the calculation to break.

[SE] Overview: Retroactive correction translation

The overview for the retroactive corrections showed Dutch headers, they're now in the language you selected.

[SE] Time Registration: Unpaid Parental leave

We disabled the option for an employee to select the payment period when adding the unpaid parental leave through the time registration.`
if pay in advance = true, then employee login unpaid parental leave always has option 'pay next period' selected.

Solved bugs

Empty space removed when generating Full name token

When the Full name (based on ascription) token was used, we showed an extra space for the possible partner name. This space is now removed.

Double signals for journals sent by workflow action

When the journals were sent automatically by the workflow, double signals were being sent in some cases. This is resolved with this update.

Help - Its giving a security message

After clicking on the 'Help' button, a security page was appearing but now it's fixed.

Export history

At company level, when checking the history of an advanced export you would see the Action as being an export, however on the details popup it would show it as being an update. This is now fixed and both show the same correct value.

[SE] Collectum: ITP2 error

When creating the export for Collectum you could get the error: "' element is invalid", this was because we saved the value for Arslon with decimals. Not anymore.

[SE] Parental leave full month

When an employee has the full month parental leave then we would subtract the full period. From now on we subtract 30 days, which matches the calculation description of the labour agreements.

[SE] Employee leave settings: Oops page

When you change the employee leave settings from the details page then the Oops page pops up, it still would save the changes, now also without the Oops page.

[SE] Time Registration: missing text

When you want to add cost center with a time registration entry the cost center label didn't display text, now it's added.

Signals - Calendar Picker inconsistent behavior

After selecting a day and using Refresh button, the calendar picker only works again after refreshing the page. This issue is resolved.


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