Global Update Notes 25-10-2018

With this update we put 1 improvement live and fixed 2 bugs.

Improvements and new features

Payment Information Block in SEPA file

The banks asked for two extra fields in the SEPA (payment) file. We added these two new fields:

  • NbOfTxs
  • CtrlSum

In this way we are ready for the new requirements the banks set for the SEPA file.



Employee list

When changing the filters in the employee list, it was possible to get an Oops page.
With this update we fixed this issue. 

SIE file with wrong fields

The SIE file (used in Sweden) contained some fields that were not filled in correctly.
With this update we changed/added:

  • #FNR (Company number)
  • #ORGNR (Organisation number)



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