Global Update Notes 18-10-2018

With this update we will launch multiple new features and solve some bugs.

New features & Improvements

New menu for Settings and Overviews.

  • With this improvement it is possible to search on this page, because of the searchbar
  • The cards will adjust re-order according to the search
  • The cards will 'find the space' to fit more content on the screen

This adjustments will be implemented on the highest level Settings and Overviews (Accountant and Business), Settings and Overviews on debtor-level (Accountant) and Overviews on company-level (Accountant and Business)

See it here:

New contact types

We launched a new page with contact persons where we change the environment ownership. This means that every environment will have a Functional and Legal Owner, which can be different persons.

Next to that, new contacts can be added (with different roles and to better address communication/info):

  • Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • Finance Contact
  • Support Contact
  • Sales Contact
  • Technical Administrator

These seven types of contacts can access in “My Account” and based on the contact type assigned, the user will have certain rights within the system.

On short notice, we will publish a new article to explain this new feature.

Mutation forms - Change Bank account

When opening a change bank account form, the 'Standard' type was not selected as default. With this update this was corrected.

Mutation forms - Assigning forms to a client login

In the mutation form approval chain you can set the company login as first company approval. When this option was selected, the form was still assigned to a specific (but random) company login.

When this option is selected now, the form will be unassigned to the company logins, so one of the logins can assign it to him/her self and approve the form.

With this we mimic the same behavior as the accountant login approval.



Signals in the Workflow wizard

When using the workflow wizard on top level to make documents available to the document viewer, the signals were not sent.

With this update we made sure the signals are sending again.

Mutation forms - Schedule form / New employee form

The labels for 'Weeks' and 'Days' were missing in the schedule part of these forms. We added those so it's clear for what week and day you are filling in the schedule hours.


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