Global Update Notes 26-11-2020

We just finished the update of 26-11-2020. 

Major upcoming changes

Improvement on Employee Documents

In the update of next week we will make it possible to specify, for each document, whether the employee is allowed to see it. This will be a separate setting, not linked to the Document type anymore. All documents that currently have the type 'Employee Login File' will be changed to type 'Other'.


Adjustment system email templates

With the update of Thursday 10 December the system email templates ('Payslip is ready' and 'New user (employee login)') will be adjusted. The following text will be added at the bottom:

For 'Payslip is ready':
"You can also check it in the Nmbrs mobile app for Android or iOS with the domain: $$$appName$$$."

For 'New user (employee login)':
"You can also use the Nmbrs mobile app for Android or iOS with the domain: $$$appName$$$."

$$$appName$$$ will be filled with the domain name where the email is sent from. The words 'Android' and 'iOS' will get a link which redirects to the Nmbrs mobile app for respectively Android Playstore and iOS Apple appstore.


If the employee already has the app installed and the link is clicked then it opens the mobile app. The new text will only be added to our system email templates. If a template is already modified, no change will be made. 


New features

API: [v3] PayrollWorkflow_Get

'PayrollWorkflow_Get' is a new call to retrieve the status of the tracks and actions from Payroll Workflow. It's possible to get all statuses of a specific period. You can read more about it here.

API: [v3] GetTokenWithDomain

If users were registered in Nmbrs with the same email address in multiple environments, it was not possible to use the call 'GetToken' function to SSO, because we could not identify where the user was trying to login. Now, we created this new call that checks what environment a user belongs to. This way, these users are able to use SSO without problems.

API: New webhooks

With the new webhooks, you can be notified when the following actions are performed:

  • Wage tax declaration created
  • Wage tax declaration sent
  • Pension export created
  • Pension export sent

For example, whenever a new wage tax declaration is created, you can set up a webhook to be notified about this. Read more about how to set up an webhook here.


Contract hours in mutation forms

In the mutation forms 'New Employee' and 'Contract Renewal', the field for the contract hours has been added.

Quick input: Contract type field removed

We have removed the Contract type field from the Quick Input.

Manager starting HR Workflow

For a manager starting an HR Workflow, some issues arose every once in a while. We improved the logic and now managers can easily start HR Workflows for the employees that are assigned to them.

Performance improvements for Tasks

In case a user had a lot of active tasks, performance would degrade. We did some improvements, and we will continue to monitor & improve performance of the Tasks and HR Workflows.

File Management: not possible to execute files

In previous releases, we made it impossible to execute files in the browser (for example, double click on a file in File management) but there was still a flaw that was not validated. Gleamtech updated the component according to our feedback and it's now more secure, making it impossible to open files.

Button 'I have an idea' removed

With the new Nmbrs® Community in place, this button was no longer needed and has therefore been removed.

Mobile app: text payslip under review

The payslip under review text gave the impression that there was a problem in the app. We have improved the text, so it is more clear that a payslip is being reviewed by the employer (corrective run).

Solved bugs

Dutch payslip templates

For our Swedish customers it was possible to select the Dutch payslip templates, which aren't supported. Now they're not selectable anymore.

Partner name in the Word AddIn

In the Relation token for the Partners last name, we incorrectly used the Personal info dashlet. This info should be retrieved from the Partner dashlet instead, since that is the place where all the information for the other Relation tokens is coming from as well.

The ascription token is there to get combinations like Own Name - Partner Name or Partner Name - Own Name.

Year Dashboard: download PDF not working

The button 'Download PDF' on the Year Dashboard was not working. This is fixed.

[Security] Logout all sessions after changing password

After a password change, all open sessions will terminate either by giving an error or by redirecting to the login page.

Mobile app: leave overview not complete

The Leave overview did not show some of the users. This has now been fixed.

Mobile app: iOS biometrics causes crash

When logging on with biometrics (FaceID), the app would crash sometimes. This will no longer happen.

Mobile app: calendars not showing properly in latest version iOS

With the latest version of iOS, calendars were not shown properly anymore. This is fixed.


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