Global Update Notes 12-11-2020

We just finished the update of 12-11-2020. 

New feature

Svenskt Näringsliv Statistik

The Svenskt Näringsliv Statistik payroll export was already available since the update of 05-11-2020, but now you can add the API token in Nmbrs and send the file to SN as well. Here is an article in Swedish explaining the steps.


Copying self-made HR workflows

With this update, a user can copy a self-made HR workflow. Before it was only possible to copy system HR workflows.

API: SalaryTable2_Get

When no salary table was selected in the Salary Settings, this call was returning a weird error message. We fixed this and now it returns an empty array instead.

Mobile app: easier logging in with Apple ID

Logging in with Apple ID was simplified, as it already uses its own two factor system.

Mobile app: lower number of errors, better performance

The overall number of errors in the app decreased by 70% over the last month, while at the same time the performance improved.

Solved bugs

API: Salary_Get calls

The Salary_Get calls were returning an incorrect StartDate. The following three were fixed and are returning the StartDate as in the webapp:

  • Salary_GetCurrent
  • Salary_Get
  • Salary_GetList

API: EmployeeDocument_UploadDocumentFull

The WSDL of the call was modified to send optional fields without problems on the implementation side. The behavior is still the same as before.

API: webhook methods

When trying to create a new webhook in the Webhook Settings, it was showing 'No Methods Available'. This problem has been fixed and now this functionality can be used again.

API: Reports_GetWageCodesByYear_Background 

This call was not working as expected, but now it's fixed. We recommend to use this one, rather than Reports_GetWageCodesByYear.

Mobile app: payslips not showing

Some payslips were hidden due to a bug in the user interface, making it seem as if they were not available. This is now fixed, so all available payslips should be visible again in the app.

Mobile app: login with new accounts

If a user had never logged onto the web app, he would not receive the 2 factor authentication email for the mobile app. This is no longer the case: everyone can use the app as they should.

Mobile app: deleted users

Deleted users would still have access to the app (it would show completely empty) after they logged in. This has now been fixed: they will not get beyond the login page.

Employees not in journals appear in pdf download

All employees were included in the pdf download, even if there were no transactions for those employees. This is fixed.

Generating and downloading of SEPA is slow

The more data, the slower the generating and downloading of a SEPA file would be. We did some improvements on performance of the generation and download of the SEPA file; this has the highest positive impact on big companies.

Error when creating journals in journal export

It was not possible to create journals if the journals had no transactions. This is fixed.

Fortnox integration sends wrong description

The journal header contained a wrong description due to the accounting principle implementation. This is fixed.

Signals: calendar picker out of place and text not consistent

The calendar picker in Sent Signals on company level was below the input field and the text was not consistent (from / till description). Fixed.

Vacation days on payslip with correction

If you created a normal run with a correction, then the amount of vacation days shown at the bottom of the payslip was for the first correction period. We changed that to the value of the latest period.


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