Global Update Notes 05-11-2020

We just finished the update of 05-11-2020. 

Upcoming new feature

Svenskt Näringsliv Statistik

The Svenskt Näringsliv Statistik payroll export is partly available: you can prepare to put in all the data for employees and companies. Make the statistics export available in the user templates. The export will be available to send next week (12/11-2020)


New Look & Feel Nmbrs Header + Sandbox

With this update, a new look & feel went live. Read all about it in the following news article: New Look & Feel Nmbrs Header + Sandbox

HR Workflow Settings more user-friendly

The 'Specific User' option in the HR Workflow Settings was hard to understand for everyone (even for us, we admit). To make it more clear which option you pick, we added the option 'Specific user' to the dropdown of Assignee. When selecting 'Specific user', a new dropdown will appear in which that actual specific user needs to be selected.

Dashlet overview: Extra hours / days

The dashlet Extra hours / days now also shows the fixed hours and days.

SCB KLP - Konjunkturstatistik, löner för privat sektor

We added an overview for the statistics payroll export SCB KLP.

Background Task Framework: improvements on speed

With the update of last week we improved the backend operations. With this update we will improve the front end operations, meaning that displaying the results will be handled much more efficiently. We expect a big positive impact on medium clients when opening salary documents, reports, interactive payslip, run checks etc. (basically everything that runs under the background task framework).

Mutation Form Signal: added debtor/company token $$$bedrijf$$$

We have added a company token in the email templates for the mutation form signals.

[Security] Signal when changing password

In order to prevent the hacking of user accounts, a user will now receive a confirmation email once the password has been changed.

Solved bugs

Signals: Sent signals dashboard shows incorrect date format

We were showing different date formats on the sent signals dashboard. This is fixed.

Username in Nmbrs Community overwritten when logging on with SSO

If you used the SSO from the Nmbrs application to logon to the Nmbrs Community (, the username was overwritten with the email address. This is fixed.

Debtor Management: 'Oops' page when filtering by 'None' tag

It was not possible to filter by the 'None' tag, but this is fixed.

Overview name and address: prefix of partner shown twice

When the partner name had a prefix, this was added twice to the full name in the report. This is fixed.


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