Global Update Notes 29-10-2020

We just finished the update of 29-10-2020. 


Next week we will release Svenskt Näringsliv statistical report sending via API.


HR Dashboard Salary

Dashboard 'Salary' is now working correctly for our Swedish Customers.

HR Dashboard Headcount

Dashboard 'Headcount' is now working correctly for our Swedish Customers.

Magic code effect on worked and paid hours

We now save the correct value for the worked and paid hours for the magic codes below:

  • M1001 sick 25%
  • M1002 sick 50%
  • M1003 sick 75%
  • M1008 unpaid leave hours
  • M1012 care for sick child days
  • M1013 care for sick child hours

Run check: Missing or wrong employee wage tax setting

We added three checks for the wage-tax settings of an employee:

  • Missing wage tax settings
  • Missing tax table or column
  • Invalid tax sequence number

Validation on saving employee wage-tax settings

We added a validation in case you did not insert the tax table and column. We also added a validation for the tax sequence number (must be an integer).

Run check: missing company wage tax number

We added a new run check (warning) in case a company does not have wage tax settings.

Dutch run checks removed from Swedish Nmbrs environment

In the drop down of the Run check dashlets on company and top level, the run checks meant only for Dutch Nmbrs environments were visible as well. From now on only the Swedish and global run checks will be shown.

Journals with Nmbrs format according to selected accounting principle

From now on, journals with the Nmbrs format have the cash principle implemented, which means that corrections from past periods will not be booked on these past periods. Read more here.

Warning when accounting principle is not supported

Because of various old journals integrations with some specific rules that are not fully compatible with the accounting principle selected at company level, we added an informative message at the moment the user is mapping the companies. To know more about this feature please click here.

File Management: change limit for uploaded files

With the previous update, we restricted the file size that could be uploaded. This caused some problems for a specific customer, therefore we increase the maximum size to accommodate for this.

E-mail templates: new letter type

We added a new letter type to the templates: Segoe UI.

Notifications Framework: incorporate latest user interface changes

We have made some changes to the notification display, based on the feedback provided by the product designers.

Solved bugs

HR document Headcount Cost Center / Cost Unit (period) does not open

Optimizations were done in order to reduce the load time of this document.

Alternative domain: not possible to login with Google SSO

When trying to login with a Google account while using an alternative domain, it would redirect to a blank page. This is now fixed.

Service levels: Nmbrs showing &l; when using < or > sign

If special characters were used, they were saved incorrectly. Fixed!

Birthdays and leaves of colleagues not visible

We reactivated the colleagues birthdays and leaves menus, after fixing the existing bugs.

Importing debtors can lead to error

When importing debtors, an error page could be shown despite the fact that the import was successful. This does not happen anymore.


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