Global Update Notes 15-10-2020

We just finished the update of 15-10-2020. 

Coming soon

Svenskt Näringsliv Statistik

Very shortly you will be able to create and send in the statistics report to Svenskt Näringsliv automatically.


Reports V2 - Small improvement on loading/generation

We optimized a part of the reports V2 loading/generation. It should be just a little bit faster with this change.

Company wage tax settings added to import template

From now on its possible to import, update and export all mandatory company wage tax settings

Solved bugs

Unpaid Parental leave

The registration of unpaid parental leave per hour through the time registration (magic code 1042), resulted in an error on the payslip. This has been fixed.

Employees not visible in user interface

If changes were done in the Employee changes dashlet, these employees were not visible anymore in the user interface. This was solved.


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