Global Update Notes 01-10-2020

We just finished the update of 01-10-2020. 

Beta feature

Export journals according to cash principle (2)

From this week's update onward, for the remaining journals integrations (E-conomics, Fortnox, Visma e-accounting and the cash principle has been implemented as well. This means that corrections from past periods will not be booked on these past periods.

New features

API: [v3] EmployeeDocument_UploadDocumentFull

A new API call was created to upload documents. It can be used instead of EmployeeDocument_UploadDocument.
4 new fields were added: DocumentNumber, Description, ValidFrom and ValidUntil.

Mobile App: Request Leave

This week we released the possibility to request leave inside the Nmbrs Mobile App. You can also see all leave requests and their status.

Mobile App: Leave Notification

When a leave request is approved, you will now receive a notification regarding this on your mobile phone and in the Mobile App.

Parental leave

We now support the parental leave (pay) in Sweden. See knowledgebase article Föräldralön och obetald föräldraledighet for more information about this feature.


Signal is sent when account is locked

When a user tries to login and enters the (wrong) password for the third time, the account will be locked. For security reasons, the number of minutes indicating for how long the user account has been locked is not displayed. However, from now on an email will be sent to the verified email address, stating that the account is locked for x minutes and that one can log in normally or reset the password after that.

Swedish Vacation liability report

There was still some English text in the Swedish Vacation liability report. This is fixed, so now it shows the correct Swedish text.

File Management: allowed extensions

Until now it was possible to upload whatever file extension you wanted to the File management. This was changed to the standard setting in Nmbrs, which allows certain file extensions only.

File Management: preview blocked

Previously the File management allowed the previsualization of a file without the need to download it. Although this was a good functionality, it was caught during a security test and proved to be a potential way for a malicious user to obtain information about other users. Therefore we decided to block this feature, meaning that from now on, the user needs to download the file if he wants to see it.

Selecting a labour agreement

When you want to select a labour agreement on company level, the list is really long. Therefore the dropdown is now searchable. We further made it impossible to have an own labour agreement and a system labour agreement both active in the same company.

Employee leave settings

It's now visible whether an employee is following the company/labour agreement settings, and/or whether there are overwritten values.
And it's now possible to switch from own settings to the company/labour agreement settings.

Solved bug

HR workflows not usable in demo environment

When free trial users would access the demo environment, all dashlets related to the HR workflows would show the 'under construction' icon even though the HR workflows were up and running. Solved!


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