Global Update Notes 27-09-2018

We just finished the update of 27th of September. We have made some improvements and fixed some bugs!


Pension export to Centric enabled

It is now possible to send pension export files from Nmbrs directly to Centric. Current company pension settings using Syntrus Achmea are automatically configured to use Centric instead, therefore you don’t have to change anything yourself.

SE Wage Tax Declaration

  • It is now possible to add the workplace number in the employee wage tax settings (up to 5 digits).
  • In case of an employee without a fiscal number, a run error is shown during running a company or checking an interactive payslip stating that an employee address is mandatory.

Start -> Home

From now on Start is not called Start anymore, but Home. This change is applied on the left-menu, company-level and employee-level.

New document templates

With this update we launched the new Document Templates. With this new feature you can build a standard document (e.g. a contract agreement) in Microsoft Word and add Nmbrs:registered: variables.

  • Save the document as a .docx file
  • Upload it to Nmbrs:registered:
  • Download it from Nmbrs:registered: with the employee data variables filled in


Warning! The old debtor and employee templates will be deleted on 01-01-2019. Make sure you transfer all your old templates to the new Word templates before the end of the year!

New Employee Menu available in all accountantlogins

The new employee menu is from now available for all accountantlogins instead for only accountantlogins based on the template 'Administrator with debtormanagement'. This new employee menu can be set to active via Template users --> Tabs: Employees --> Write



SE wage tax declaration

  • If a fiscal number is changed or deleted, the date of birth will no longer be changed or deleted as well (and vice versa). Also, gender is no longer linked to (changes to) the fiscal number.
  • Corrections already included in previous wage tax declarations no longer appear in new wage tax declarations.

Accountantshop Request Form

With tonights update the 'Request Form' button is working again in the Accountant Shop website.

Password expiration

The validation for password expiration wasn't active. From now on, the validation will check again the settings of password expiration.

Oops page Bulk manager

When using the functionality 'Bulk Change Manager' it was possible that you faced an 'Oops' page. This could happen when mutationforms needed to be transferred from one manager to another. This problem is fixed with tonights update.

HR Report "Employer cost per hour"

The HR Report "Employer cost per hour" was showing employees that were out of service for a long time.
In this update we fixed this report, now it's only showing the employees that are in service.




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