Global Update Notes 17-09-2020

We just finished the update of 17-09-2020. 

New Feature

Statistics report (Sweden)

With this update, the first Statistics report for Sweden will go live: SCB Konjunkturstatistik, löner för privat sektor (Statistics, wages for the private sector).


Employee HR Workflow detail page

The Employee HR Workflow detail page received an upgrade to be in line with the new design. With this new design, it's more clear when an HR Workflow contains a signed document or a form. The active task is also more visible, and when a decision has been made, it's clear out of which HR Workflow has been chosen.

Soon we will improve the user interface & experience of the employee HR Workflow dashlet as well.

My Tasks loads faster

The My Tasks dashlets and detail pages have been made faster, especially for the user that has more than 10 Tasks assigned to them.

Notifications about Tasks

From now on, users will receive a notification when a Task has been assigned to them and becomes active. When the user did the Task themselves before, no notification will be sent.
Next to that, the HR Workflow Assignee will receive a notification in case an HR Workflow has been closed automatically and he/she wasn't the one performing the last Task.

Solved bugs

Import of dates leads to error

When users tried to import employee information containing dates (e.g. birth date, in service date) the import checker would throw an error. This does not happen anymore.

'Change password' not showing validation popup

The validation popup was not visible next to the 'new password' field, but this has been fixed.

File management issues

Two issues concerning the File management were fixed:

  • it was not accessible when the company name contained a "*";
  • folders could disappear while dragging and dropping them.


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