Global Update Notes 03-10-2018

We just finished the update of 27th of September. We have made some improvements and fixed some bugs!


SE wage tax declaration: fiscal number validation

A check has been added to the employee fiscal number, to prevent fiscal numbers containing less or more than 12 digits from being saved. A warning is shown if this is attempted anyway.

Performance improvements

Due to the performance we decided to change the functionality of some pages/dashlets.
We discovered that certain pages caused overall slowness for the system, this could be caused by the amount of data but also by the kind of data that was requested.

With this update we made a couple of improvements performance-wise, therefore it’s possible that a particular page or dashlet does not work the way you were used to.
Beneath the changes are stated:

  1. Mutation form Approver (Accountants – Top level)

The dashlet mutation form approver on the highest level for accountants caused a huge loading delay. This is why the dashlet will not show the top 10 of “To approve forms”, but you will have to click on “More…” or “Mutations forms” to use the filter and approve the forms there.


  1. Workflow Task list (Top level)

The workflow task list on top level does not automatically load all tasks from the whole environment. If click on the tab “Task list”, you will have to select an action before the tasks will be shown. In this way, there will be a filter which causes less data to be loaded at once. It’s still possible select “All” tasks if wanted.


  1. Absence Overview Report

The “Chart” tab in the absence overview report on debtor level (Accountants) / top level (Business) caused the system to be a lot slower. With this update the tab “Data” will be loaded first instead. If wanted, it’s still possible to click on the “Chart” tab to see the graphs and diagrams. This is an improvement for NL only.


Import emergency contact details

With the update of last night it is now possible to import, update and export emergency contact details.

Numbees everywhere

You might have seen some Numbees already, but now some more have been added. The Salary Numbee is added to the 'New Employee mutation form' and the 'copy employee wizard', and the Wage Code Numbee is added to the 'copy employee wizard' as well!

Next to that we made an adjustment so that whenever a Numbee can't come up with a suggestion at that moment, the Numbee will let you know this is the case.

Contact types

With the update of 11-10-2018 we will launch a new page with contact persons where we change the environment ownership. This means that every environment will have a Functional and Legal Owner, which can be different persons.

Next to that new contacts can be added (with different roles in company and to better address communication/info):
• Data Protection Officer (DPO)
• Finance Contact
• Support Contact
• Sales Contact
• Technical Administrator

These seven types of contacts can access in “My Account” and based on the contact type assigned, the user will have certain rights within the system.
With the update of 11-10-2018 an article with more information will be published.


SE annual statement: Box 11

The value in box 11 of the annual statement (“total gross salary paid during the year”) was incorrect. With this update the calculation has been fixed, so the correct amount is now shown.

NL payroll register (annual documents): employees in download

The downloaded payroll register in the annual documents contained only some of the employees. With this update, all employees in that specific year are again included when downloading the payroll register annual document.

Unknown error in overviews

Several overviews suffered an unknown error when displaying in the environment. This error will not occur anymore for the following reports:
  • Employee hours & salary (NL)
  • Company salary settings (Global)
  • Company car (NL)


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