Global Update Notes 20-09-2018

We just finished the update of 20th of September. We launched some new features and fixed some bugs!


Dashlet HR signal settings

The dashlet HR signal settings did not have the proper translations to different languages, until this update.


Payroll register in the documentviewer

When you tried to open the payroll register in the documentviewer you got an error. With this update this is fixed.

Employee hours & salary overview

This overview lacked specific values. With this update, these values are visible again in this report.

Master level company car overview

The newly added company car overview on master level suffered from the same issue. Not all company cars were displayed correctly before this update.

No company in employee settings on employee level

With the new employee menu, a new employee setting was created. This is called 'Employee settings'. In this new setting, the company of the employee was not showed. After this update, the company is visible again.

Old function/department in employee list

When checking the function or department in the employee list, it was possible that you found an old function or departement linked to that employee. We fixed this so only the newest information is visible.





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