Global Update Notes 30-08-2018

We just finished the update of 30th of August. We launched some new features and made improvements.

New features

New Employee menu

With this update we launched the new employee menu. With the new employee menu, you are able to create different types of employees like applicants and external employees. Next to that, we also created a new template for accountants environments. This template called 'Accountant HR Manager Login', gives you acces on debtorlevel to all the necessary HR dashlets. For manager logins, we replaced the 'Explorer' menu on the left with our new Employee menu.


Preview payroll register & payroll register cumulative

The preview of both the Payroll register summary as the Payroll register summary cumulative now consists of the first 10 employees. All the employees are included in the document after downloading the file to PDF or Excel. This change has been made to improve the speed of opening the preview of these salary documents.

Leave calculation

With this update we released a new leave calculation. Next to the same wage principle you can also use the percentage rule. For more information about the percentage rule, please read this article.





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