Global Update Notes 06-09-2018

We just finished the update of 6th of September. We launched some new features and fixed some bugs!

New features

New login page

With this update we launched a new login page.

New format for Swedish wage tax declaration

Because of new regulations from the Swedish Tax Authorities, we have implemented a new wage tax format. From now on, Swedish wage tax declarations are created in xml format, just like the Dutch ones. They can include both the last period and corrections for previous periods if needed. For 2018 only the creation of the new format is mandatory; sending (through API) will be implemented in 2019

Company Car Overview

With this update, we have added a new report on accountant level. The report consists of all the company cars. It is possible to refine the results based on a specific year.


Employees in-active

Last week we launched our new feature the 'Employee List'. With the update of tonight, we will migrate employees which are longer than 1 month out of service, to the status 'Inactive'.


All employees visible in filter

When there was only one function in the filter of the new employee menu, it didn't show the employees which were not linked to this function. After this update, there will be an 'all' option in the filter which will show all the employees when there is only one function.





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