Global Update Notes 23-07-2020

We just finished the update of 23-07-2020. 


Payslips per period

The default setting to show the run-payslips was per period. We removed the option to split per period, since this doesn't make much sense because of the cash principle.

Runchecker for personal fiscal number is incorrectly an error

We changed the error to a warning, since this is correct in most cases.

Decrease wage tax deeplink retrieval time

When users send in their wage tax it can take some time for the Skatteverket link to appear in their Nmbrs environment. Having the link appear as soon as possible will make sure our users can be most efficient and finish their task.

HR workflow: active task notification to Client logins

Whenever a user had to do a task, the Client logins did not receive a signal. However, a lot of users asked to change this, so we did. Now the notification is also sent to the Client logins. To make sure we're not sending too much, we only send them when the previous task was done by someone else. 

Add/edit document pop-up

If a user would like to edit an existing document, there would still be a 'dropzone' to add a document. We got rid of that, so now you will see the actual document that is being edited. 

Solved bugs

Employees with tax form "FA" don't have any tax deduction

Employees with settings of FA Combination would not get any preliminary taxes deducted, but now they do.

Vacation liability report: Period picker "floats" outside the report

The period picker for the vacation liability report fits again nicely in the popup.

Table tax after service interval

If an employee went out of service and he was paid out table tax B10007 stuff in the period after end of service interval, the normal table tax wage code L8700 would be calculated. Now all is taxed against special rate.

Master level workflow pop-ups look strange

We made the buttons fit in the popup again.

Edit dashlets misaligned on company level

Due to the length of the text, the icons were misaligned. This has been fixed.

Wrong translations

  • HR Document - Antal anställda avdelning (period) (Nr employees per department per period)
  • HR Documents: Antal anställda kostnadsställe (period) (Nr employees per cost center)

These have been adjusted.

Employees out of service visible in employee login list

From now on, only the in-service employees will be visible in this list.

Not possible to turn on McAfee icon

The checkbox (Theme settings page under My account) to show the McAfee icon on the login page was no longer working, but that has been fixed.

First day at work form

The 'First day at work' form was lacking the option to add a nationality. This has been added.


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