Global Update Notes 02-07-2020

We just finished the update of 02-07-2020. 


End of next week we will launch two new features. We will add documentation before it goes live, but hereby already present you a sneak peek.

Run checker: Fix errors

When executing a run the last step is the run checker, from next week this will show a new button "Fix Errors".


When the run checker contains errors and/or warnings and this button is pressed, this will insert a new task in the hamburger menu on the right for every error/warning.
In this way you can navigate from the task directly to the employee to fix the error/warning directly.



Payroll output checker

We already have the salary document "Payroll Register per employee" for every run. To improve the way you can check the output of the run even more, we are introducing the "Payroll Output Checker". With this tool you can easily check the change components, deviating percentage and differences in compare with last period.
Next to this multiple filters are available in this tool to get a find the information your looking for even faster and it's possible to preview the payslip of the run. Also you can cross the check mark as done the moment you checked the employee, in this way you know for which employees you already approved the payroll output.


New feature 

Integration with Skatteverket (Swedish wage tax authorities) WageTax

It is now possible to send the wage tax directly from Nmbrs to the portal at Skatterverket. After sending the wage tax you will receive a link in your Nmbrs environment that can be used to access the Skatteverket portal to approve and submit the wage tax. 


From now on, it's possible to retrieve Swedish Wage Tax Settings on Employee Level via the API.


Link HR workflow

It is possible to start a new HR workflow from an HR workflow by linking it together. You can add one step per HR workflow from which a maximum of 4 new HR workflows can be started. For example, this step can be added at the beginning or at the end. In this step you can choose a decision moment by choosing "Or". If you want to start a new workflow you can choose "And".

BankAccount_Insert and BankAccount_InsertCurrent

In SE, the IBAN is not a mandatory field. Therefore, we improved the validation to make the IBAN optional. At the same time, the validation in NL is the same for this field.

Pop up warning can't be found in Text editor in Payroll Workflow

A hard-coded "Controleer mutaties?" dutch message was in the code. This is now fixed. 

Solved bugs

Status Swedish wage tax sent via the integration with Skatteverket does not always change to received New Employee Wizard | "Next" button missing text

When the wage tax was send to Skatteverket you normally receive a link in the Nmbrs environment that can be used to access the Skatteverket portal to further process the wage tax. When you accessed the portal directly and processed the wage tax before you actually received this link, the status of the wage tax in Nmbrs would be forever stuck on "sent" and not change to "received". This is now solved.

New Employee Wizard | "Next" button missing text 

Using scenario 3 to create employees by the wizard "New Employee", the Next button label was missing but now its back.


The call was returning 9999: Unknown Error when trying to add a new time registration. This bug is fixed and the call is working as expected. 




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