Global Update Notes 25-06-2020


Magic codes for Short-time work

We added two new magic code for the short-time work allowance:

  • M1016 Korttidsarbete
  • M1017 Korttidsarbete (dagar)

[Notifications] Top co-pilot menu shows unread notifications

Previously the only place to know if there were unread notifications was when the co-pilot was collapsed. Now if the co-pilot is opened and not on the notifications tab, the number of unread notifications will pop-up

[Mobile] Annual Statement button text

The text of the annual statement should now be more clear.

Solved bugs

Add bulk useraccounts for employees has wrong default language when the environment language is SE

The default language for adding useraccounts in bulk was not taking in account the default language of the environment but now its fixed

Error message when trying to send WTD in SE is in Dutch

Sometimes it would happen that the error message when sending a WTD was in Dutch. As of now it shows the correct language. 

[Mobile] Crashes

We have reduced the crashes that happened in the app with the last release. This should account for a reduction in crashes of about 95%.



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