Global Update Notes 04-06-2020

We just finished the update of 04-06-2020. 

New feature

25% ruling

A feature was added to enable the processing of foreign employees who bring expert skills or knowledge to Sweden. They pay taxes on 75% of their wages.


Company Car license plate

It's now possible to add a license plate number for a company car.

Solved bugs

Reports Employee Name and Address not returning entity Id

Due to an adjustment of the overviews Employee Name and Address on Master and debtor level, the columns with Id's (EmployeeId, CompanyId and DebtorId) had been removed. However, as the Id's are needed for the API, they are back now.

Changing Custom HR Workflows while HR Workflows are started made possible

When custom HR Workflows were changed at settings-level, a started HR Workflow of that type at employee-level wouldn't work anymore. From now on, a change in the HR Workflow Settings will only mean it will be different for the ones started after that.

Debtor tag filter in Mutation forms

After adding the debtor tag as an extra filter on the mutation forms approver page, we received feedback about it, showing the need of an extra option for users with access to some debtors via the debtor tags. From now on, the user can select 'Al' possible debtor tags to filter by. Of course, these are only the tags that that user has access to.


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