Global Update Notes 28-05-2020

We just finished the update of 28-05-2020. 


Master Level General Ledger Schema (Wage Codes tab)

As announced earlier, we have made an improvement to the Wage codes tab of the Master level General ledger schema. This improvement does not only have a big positive impact on performance, but also helps you to set the mapping of a wage code / general ledger account by filtering the data you want to set or change. This filtering has the principal goal of making it possible to show the not-mapped wage codes, since these are the ones you want to set to avoid differences in the journals. It is possible to filter by general ledger account as well, and/or select a specific wage code in order to change the current mapping.

Proforma: select period

When you add a new proforma for an employee (can also be an applicant), you can now select the period you want the proforma to be created for.
Also, it's now only possible to create an employee proforma with the settings of the "real" employee or based on a default employee. 

[SE] Translation: Run is now Lönekörning’

We replaced the English word 'Run' with the proper Swedish term for it: 'Lönekörning'.


[SE] SINK not in field 274 in wage tax declaration

The new feature SINK calculates correctly, but the value was not added in the wage tax (AGI). This has been fixed.
This solves known issue: [SE AGI] Wage Tax Declaration is incorrect for Sweden when Employees have SINK employees

[SE] Social security value of sickness for first and young employee in AGI

For first and young employees, the social security percentage = 0. We did not take this into account when calculating the correct amount for sickness in the wage tax (AGI). This has been solved.

[SE} Holiday year transit wizard transits all employee types

he Holiday wizard would incorrectly transit all the employee types. Now it only transits the 'Payroll' and 'Former payroll' employees.

[SE] 'Check Payroll Modifications' contains Dutch text and no mutations

For the 'Check Payroll Modifications', some text was still in Dutch and we did not show the mutations. Both issues are fixed now.

[SE] SEPA file currency is in SEK and not EUR

The currency used in the SEPA files for SE companies was incorrectly set to EUR. This has been fixed, so now SEK is used instead.

Merged run results in incorrect salary documents

After merging a run, the new salary documents (for example payslips) are shown in the interface. However, the downloaded payslips would still be the ones from the run before it was merged. Now the correct (merged) salary documents can be downloaded.





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