Global Update Notes 14-05-2020

We just finished the update of 14-05-2020. 

Upcoming feature change

We would like to inform you upfront that we are going to do an improvement on Master Level General Ledger Schema - Wage Codes tab. This improvement has not only a big impact on performance, but also helps you to set the mapping of wage code / general ledger account by filtering the data you want to set or change. This filtering has the principal goal to be possible to show the not mapped wage codes, since these are the one's you want to set to avoid differences in the journals (it will be possible to filter by GL account as well), and / or select a specific wage code in order to change the current mapping. Here's a quick preview of what it will look like:


We are aiming to deliver this on the last update of May.


ESS HR Workflows improvement

An employee that started a certain HR Workflow from their ESS couldn't see what the status was of this HR Workflow. This was changed so all employees can see what the status is of all HR Workflows that were started by them. The employee cannot see the content of an HR Workflow that someone else started, due to the possible sensitive character.

Journals recalculation - check added if wage code is in use for the current year

When adding, removing or changing a mapping between wage code & GL Account it was marking the journals with error in order to force the user to recalculate the journals based in the new settings and avoid wrong journals. We improved this process to only mark with error if the wage code is in use or there is a difference rule applied. This improvement will avoid customers to do unnecessary recalculations on the journals and it will have positive impact in performance as well.

[SE] Dashlet wage-tax (AGI)

The dashlet for the wage-tax is now linked to the AGI wage-tax, you can now create the wage-tax directly from the dashlet. We also removed the link to the Kontrolluppgifter.


[SE] wage tax declaration field 036 (sink net travel and housing)

If new base value B20130 exists in output, then create field 036 with the value of B20130.
How it should work: If B20130 output value <> 0, then create field 036 with the output value of B20130.




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