Global Update Notes 07-05-2020

New feature

[SE] SINK foreign employees

We are happy to announce that from now on it's possible to tax foreign employees according to the SINK (Special Income tax for foreign residents). You can read more here in our article (Swedish). 



[SE] First hire and foreign establishment

We now also support foreign establishment employees using first hire discount now.

Getting a document signed by 3 people

In some cases, two signers signing a document was not enough, according to our community. So we listened and added a system HR Workflow with 3 signers.

New system HR Workflows that can be started by employees (ESS)

To improve the functionality of the HR Workflows we added multiple HR Workflows that can be started by an employee in their web-portal:

  • Change bank account
  • Change address
  • Change personal information
  • Change schedule
  • Change department

Missing some HR Workflows? Feel free to add them to the community

HR Workflows usability

Our new feature HR Workflows is getting more and more used. Because of this, we've received some feedback on the usability. We used this feedback to improve the HR workflow and we added the following:

  • An HR Workflow now closes automatically when all tasks are done
  • An HR Manager and a General Manager login can now link HR Workflows to HR Signals
  • A manager can see the contents of an HR Workflow they are starting
  • Labels are added to the filters on all HR Workflow related pages because the filters by default all show 'All'.
  • When doing a transition from applicant to new hire and from new hire to payroll employee, the interface looked 'disable'. This has now improved.


Bug fixes

[SE] Sickness for full month

When an employee is sick a whole month (after the 15th day) they should get deducted their entire salary, before the update the deduction could be slightly lower or higher than the salary.

[SE] Payslip footer: wage codes 8758 and 8759 missing

The wage codes 8758 and 8759 have been connected to the payslip footer so from now on we show the total amount of arbetsgivaravgifter.


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