Global Update Notes 23-04-2020

New feature

[SE] Journals integration: 24SevenOffice

We are happy to annouce that a new journals integration is already available for Swedish Customers. We are able to integrate with 24SevenOffice to book journals in their ERP. Read more here (article in Swedish).

[SE] Three new wage codes for expenses

We have added three new wage codes for expenses (utlägg).The wage codes are L5112, L5113 and L5114.



Run from workflow tab

When starting a run from the workflow tab you could get the error "object reference not set to an instance of an object". Now you can start a run from the Workflow page again.

[SE] Interactive payslip short rows when adding wage/hours codes

If you would add hour codes or wage codes through the interactive payslip the row would look too short. Now it's all good again.

[SE] Same wage principle liability tooltip

The leftover vacation days in year 6 in the tooltip for the Vacation Liability Report where missing, we added them. 

[SE] Gross-to-net salary document

We have fixed the column for social securities (arbetsgivaravgifter) so it displays the correct amount in the salary document gross-to-net.




Knowledge base