Global Update Notes 20-04-2020

New feature

[SE] Korttidsarbete tidigare korttidspermittering (Short-Time Work Allowance)

Short-time working means that employers can reduce their employees’ working hours and receive financial support from the central government to compensate for a significant part of the costs for retaining the employee.

The options for reduced working hours are 20%, 40% and 60%.

We created three new wage codes for this:
20% --> L2200 korttidsarbete -4%
40% --> L2201 korttidsarbete -6%
60% --> L2202 korttidsarbete -7.5%

Click here for the support article [Swedish]


Employee not visible

With the previous update we improved the changes action on an employee in order to avoid having data not in-synch and therefore the employee was no longer visible in Nmbrs. Now, we improved the processes related with the import & update employees as well.

Login of legal owner

As an accountant user it was possible to deactivate every login, even if it was the legal owner. From now on the legal owner can't be deactivated anymore.



Delete managerlogin

It wasn't possible to delete a manager login when he was linked to a closed absence file. From now on, that check is being done and it will be possible to remove the manager login.

[SE] Variable wage codes does not follow the Holiday year for payment in advance

We calculate earned value of the variable part based on wage codes with base value 10800. It would incorrectly add the first month of the holiday year to earned variable parts. That is fixed now. 

[SE] Percentage rule employee leave setting if pay in advance = true

Employee leave settings are compared to company run period. If pay in advance = true, then it loads employee leave settings from previous period. previous period <> company run period, so the employee leave settings are not used.

How it ’s working now:

  • If the setting is needed to calculate earned days, then from current period
  • If the setting of current period is set to pay each period, then from current period
  • Only at take up by time registration you want to load stuff from previous period. Neither the days/year setting nor the payment method have any effect on take up by time registration, so it should never load employee settings from previous period.


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