Global Update Notes 09-04-2020

We just finished the update of 09-04-2020. 


[SE] Reduced social security fees for first hire and up to 30 employees

For the first hire you can get reduction on social fees (only 10.21% Employer Contributions up to 25 000 SEK). In scope of the Corona measurements the Swedish government extend this regulation to use this up to 30 employees.

We activated this setting for all the employees within companies with 31 or less employees and we triggered a correction so the company only needs to executed the correction run.

We have also adjusted the AGI to send information that the option is being used. (Field 062)

[Mobile App] Updated the Payslip Overview fields

The fields in Payslip Overview were never filled in. With this update we started using it to give an actual overview of the values present in the payslip.



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