Global Update Notes 19-03-2020

We just finished the update of 19-03-2020. 


New features

[SE] Hourly rate calculation in combination with sickness

 For sickness the hourly rate calculation could be different depending on the labour agreement. We have added an option to select a different hourly rate (12 or 12,2).

[SE] R&D tax reduction

 From the first of April the R&D tax reduction changes, the percentage changes:

  • The deduction percentage change from 10% to 20%
  • The max limit changes from 230 000 kr to 450 0000 kr
  • The deduction should not be lower than the taxes of 10,21%

Bug fixes

Google map button of an employee is always visible

The google map button was always available even if the user had no permissions on personalia dashlet. For security & compliance reasons this problem is solved.

[SE] Error message when trying to add a bank account

It wasn't possible to add a bank account through the overview dashlet. This is fixed.

[SE] Collectum export

The organsation number for the Collectum export was in the wrong format. This is fixed.

[SE] History company tax setting

The history pop-up was empty at the company tax settings, but now it's visible again.



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