Global Update Notes 05-03-2020

We just finished the update of 05-03-2020. 


Always user account with accountant contact

At the end of March, we will automatically link accountant contacts to an existing user account with a matching email address. In case none of the existing user accounts have the email address of the contact, we will create a new account, based on template Administrator (with Debtor administration).

Bug fixes

[Import] Out-of-service update requires in-service date

When doing an update to put employees out-of-service, it was required to add the in-service date as well. This created extra work and did not follow the behavior of the Service interval dashlet, so this is no longer needed.

Date format and decimal in payslip header

The date in the header is from now on always in format dd-mm-yyyy. For the decimal, from now on we will always use the comma.

Special characters in filename salary documents not recognized

When downloading a salary document with special characters in the name, the special characters were not recognized and the file name would contain strange characters. We fixed all except for the following salary documents:

  • payslip
  • payslip employer
  • payroll register
  • payroll register all employees

These will be fixed in another update.


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