Global Update Notes 27-02-2020


[API]  SVW_Get

Starting from 2020 the fields RiskGroup and Sector were removed from the SVW Settings on the WebApp. The API was returning 0 in those fields and that caused confusion. To make it clear for the integration partners that the value is not applicable, the API is going to return -1 for fields removed from the UI.


Bug fixes

[SE] Value of earned days if entitled at start year=true

The value of the earned days was wrong when the leave setting entitled at start year = true and if the employee doesn't work full time hours per day.

[API] SVW_Get Reports_Accountant_Company_CompanyJournalReport_Background  

The report was returning the data in different years. It was a cache issue that has been fixed.  

[API] Salary_GetCurrent & Salary_Get 

The Start date retrieved by those calls were always the first date of the period. From now on, the salary calls will retrieve the real start date of the salary entry. 


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