Global Update Notes 20-02-2020


[Mobile App] password expired

When a password that is expired is entered a message is now shown with that information.

[Mobile App] PIN code

 The PIN code page had some UI inconsistencies that we have now made consistent

Signals sent details

The details page was loading all the results from the previous 7 days. This had a heavy impact and was changed to only load the current day results.


Bug fixes

Not possible to login to knowledgebase

Due to improvements in security and performance, a new field was added to the knowledgebase login page: domain, in order to get/validate the correct login for the user. As of now its required to fill in the following:

By using the tool 'ik ben mijn subdomein vergeten' (Dutch only) it's possible to retrieve information on your active logins, in case you forgot the domain(s).

[Mobile App] Change page crash

If you were too fast and changed page after requesting a page to update you would get the app crashed. We are very against crashes so that no longer happens!




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