Global Update Notes 13-02-2020

We have just finished the update of 13-02-2020. 



New system HR Workflow
The system HR Workflows 'Hire Applicant' and 'Onboard new hire' were working good, but in some cases they were missing steps when the employee started somewhere in the middle of these HR workflows.
The new system HR Workflow Hire & Onboard combines the steps of them both into one.
Later on, we will improve the HR Workflows in a way that they can be linked to each other, so HR Workflow don't have to be combined anymore.

Loonaangifte XML converter now available for the 2020 wage tax format
Following the wage tax changes of 2020 we have adjusted the Loonaangifte XML converter to support the new wage tax format.

Reason out of service added to import/update/export
Since the out of service reason is now mandatory wage tax information, we have added it to the import/update/export tool.



Debtor overview department shows employees from other debtor
An accountant login was seeing all employees, who has access to, at debtor overview department. From now on, this type of user, will see the employees referring to the selected debtor only.

Assignee not pre-filled when starting an HR Workflow
When the assignee was set for an HR Workflow, this assignee was not being pre-filled anymore when starting an HR Workflow for an employee. The HR Workflow will be pre-filled again from now on.

Refresh of the page causing loss of filter at mutation forms
When approving mutation forms in the Mutations forms approver dashlet, the page would refresh automatically when closing a mutation form. Now, the filters will be kept.

Custom Reports on Company Level only generates after editing
Custom Reports ( Employee HR general menu) on Company level only generate after been generated on Edit mode, otherwise, it just keeps loading. This is fixed.

Downloading an Excel file in the ReportsV2 would output a file with the extension XLSX.XLSX . This is fixed.

Importing/updating employee salary table setting leads to incorrect API value
Setting a salary table for an employee via import or update would save inconsistent values in the history. These values are used by the API, leading to incorrect salaries. From now on an empty history entry is saved, so the API can return the correct value.

Updating the seniority date of a service interval gives an error
It was no longer possible to update the seniority date of a service interval. This has been fixed.


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