Global Update Notes 06-02-2020

We have just finished the update of 06-02-2020. 



New email is saved in the field 'Business'
When creating applicants or new hire employees the email will now be saved as private email instead of business.

Refresh report data
Previously it was needed to wait 60 minutes for the report data to be refreshed. We now show when the data of the report was generated and we offer the ability to clear the previous results so that the content can be calculated again without the need to wait 60 minutes



Run Calculator: Add background task
Some counters can take more than 230 seconds to display data to every debtor and period so a background taks was implemented in order to be possible to get the correspondent data for big customers.

Column "gender" is empty in EmployeeNameAddress reports
Employee gender wasnt filled but from now on it will display accordingly to the user language.


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