Global Update Notes 30-01-2020

We have just finished the update of 30-01-2020. 

New feature

New API call EmployeeType_GetList
With this new call it is possible to retrieve a list of all possible Employee Types within Nmbrs. This call is available in the Nmbrs API v3.


Employee types in List_GetByCompany and List_GetByDebtor
Within the V3 API calls List_GetByCompany and List_GetByDebtor, it is now possible to filter on employee types.

Payslip per run adjusted to show multiple periods on one payslip
Payslips per run in the overview tab on employee level is listed as one period per one run. In the case of a correction run over multiple periodes, this will result in multiple payslips. With this update, all these periods included in one run will be shown on one single payslip.

[SE] Cash principle implemented
The cash principle is live. A gross value that is inserted in the past is taxed in the payment period instead of the period in which it is inserted. 

[SE] Payment period added to run output
By default the payment period is the last period of the run. Exception: at creation of a 'correction only' run you can choose in which period you are paying it: last period of the run, or the period after that.



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