Global Update Notes 16-01-2020

We have just finished the update of 16-01-2020. 


Leave settings on Company level
It's now possible to adjust leave settings on company level.

Contract types
We removed the "contract type" from the contract a couple of weeks ago, we now also removed the filters for this type.

HR workflow performance
The performance of the HR workflow dashlets has been improved.

The call is improved to filter using exactly the inputted wage code.


[SE] Fora pension export
We had some issues with the creating the pension export for FORA, that's fixed.

[SE] Hogia converter error
The Hogia converter would present an error when processing the uploaded file. With this update, the error is solved.

[SE] Imported employee data on debtor level shows the wrong date
The employee salary, wage tax settings and job title would be imported with the system current date instead of the company current period. From now on the right date.

[API] SalaryTable_Insert & SalaryTable_InsertCurrent
The calls were not updating history correctly when used on the API. The bug has been fixed.

[API] SVW_GetAll_AllEmployeesByCompany
The version v2 of the call was impacted due to changes on the v3 and this was not supposed to happen. We fixed it and the call v2 is working as it was before.


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