Global Update Notes 23-12-2019

We've just finished the update of 23-12-2019. 


[API] Change in attribute <LabourAgreementId> (update of 16-01-2020)

Nmbrs® is creating system labour agreements, in order to make it easier to set up a company. This change will have impact in some API calls: from the update of 16-01-2020 onward, the attribute <LabourAgreementId> will use a Guid instead of an Integer to identify a certain labour agreement.
The impacted calls are listed below.


  • Company_Insert
  • LabourAgreements_Get
  • LabourAgreements_GetCurrent
  • CompanyLeaveTypeGroups_Get


  • LabourAgreementSettings_GetList


  • LabourAgreements_Update
  • LabourAgreements_UpdateCurrent
  • LabourAgreements_Get
  • LabourAgreements_GetCurrent 

New functionality

[API] New API version

The engine for 2020 will have different functionalities regarding contracts and wage tax, which has impact on some API calls. For this reason a new API version will be released. For now the calls available in API v3 ( are the ones related with contracts. Please see this article for more information. 


[Performance] loading time Absence Overview

For companies with absence files and a considerable amount of employees, the dashlet Absence Overview (Homepage and tab Overviews) was not loading. From now on it will load quickly.

Fixed bugs

Some dashlets not loading for Admin users

When dashlets, for example 'Run check', were set to be in the dashboard of a user, but at system level the permission was removed, there was a delay in checking the permissions. This caused the dashlet to keep on on loading. From now on the permissions will be checked upfront.

History empty in job title dashlet

The history in the job tittle dashlet was empty, instead of showing the mutations over time in this dashlet. From now on, the history will show the correct information.



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