Global Update Notes 05-12-2019


Improvement in password policy

Nmbrs® is improving the password strength and from next update it will only be possible to use the strong password policy. As a user you will still be able to login with your current password but for new passwords (new user accounts or reset password) will be asked for you to use a strong password. 

The strong policy contains the following requirements for passwords:

  •  Minimum 8 characters in length
  •  Needs to contain uppercase letters
  •  Needs to contain lowercase letters
  •  Needs to contain numbers
  •  Needs to contain at least one of these symbols !@%#$...


Searchbar per employee

Search employee (top bar) will filter by employee type instead of in/out of service (since in service is a payroll concept). By doing this change the navigation will change slighlty: left menu will always be visible if the user will pick an employee from top search pop-up or employees menu.



Performance improvements for GL schemes and Snapshots

Linking wage codes in GL schemes that are linked to many companies could take forever. Taking a snapshot and then downloading the Excel in larger environments also took an unnecessary amount of time. We have implemented performance improvements for both cases.

Performance of the Co-pilot

You can expect a Co-pilot to assist you at lightning speed. However, sometimes he let us down a bit. After a good conversation, he shows his best side again.

Update contract details via bulk import

From now on it is possible to update existing contracts through a bulk import. When updating contract details for an existing contract, the contract is recognized based on the start date. This means that the start date in the update file must match the start date of the employee's existing contract. All other columns relating to the contract can be adjusted as required. To add a new contract, the start date must be unique (for the employee).

Error message when adding temporary contracts via an update without an end date.

Accidentally imported temporary contracts without an end date? After this update, that is an event of the past. A warning message tells you exactly for which employees you still have to enter an end date.


Map icoon on employee level

When you clicked on the card icon at an employee you received an 'insufficient rights' message. This bug has now been fixed.




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