Global Update Notes 21-11-2019

We just finished the update of 21-11-2019.

New feature

[Mobile app] New 'What’s my domain' page

The 'What’s my domain' page was an external web page. This is now available as a page in the app, to improve the user experience for all employees.

[NL][API] CompanyLeaveTypeGroups_Get

A new call to retrieve the Leave Types on Company Level is now available on Live.


[Mobile app] Bank Mutation form now allows creation

The bank mutation form only allowed for editing of existing accounts. It is now also possible to create new ones.

[Mobile app] New look bank mutation form

The bank mutation form now has a better user experience & interface, which makes it easier to use the above feature.

[Mobile app] Overview payslips

The payslips page now shows the most recent payslip first, rather than that of the first year for which payslips are available..

[SE] SIE file needs BAS & PL settings

This improvement went already Live with the previous update, but now we have published this article to help you to set it up. 


Set standard to SE for SE employee logins

From now on, the default language while creating a new user account will be the same as the language of the environment.

[API] EmployeeDocument_UploadDocument

This call was returning 'error 9999'. We fixed it, so now it's working as expected again.  

[API] BankAccount_Insert and BankAccount_Update 

The BIC was not added to the interface when these calls were executed. Now, when inserting/updating the BIC via the API, it will work as expected and be visible in Nmbrs. 





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