Global Update Notes 26-09-2019

We just finished the update of 26-09-2019.

New feature

[Mobile app] Feedback and rating system

We released a feedback system, so you can tell us what you think about and want from the app. After finishing a form, users can now rate the app and give feedback. We also invite you to go to the app store to say what you think about the app.


[Mobile app] Accent color

Interactions with text fields, calendars, radio buttons, etc. appeared in green. We changed that to the standard Nmbrs blue schema.

[Mobile app] Update button

Some users don't update our app automatically, and for those there is now an handy button letting them know a new version is available.

[Mobile app] Salary in Recent Activities Payslip

The salary no longer shows under Recent Activities / Latest payslip.

[Mobile app] Payslip on iOS

The payslip on iOS was shown in the browser, which meant users could see, share and edit the URL to payslips. Now it has the same behavior as in Android.

Extension Asynch calls

The Last call from the Report Service is now available:

  • Reports_Accountant_Debtor_EmployeeWageComponentsPerPeriod


[Mobile app] Reset PIN colors

The Reset PIN page had colors that hid the actual numbers. That is now fixed in a new design.

[Mobile app] Forget Password keeps loading

Trying to reset the password with no e-mail filled resulted in an infinite load. This has been fixed.




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