Holiday in advance

If the company has the holiday setting "Entitled at start year = false" it is possible to assign an employee holiday in advance, by using wage code 3604. When you add wage code 3604, you specify how many full days of holiday in advance an employee is entitled to.

Overview of the debt for holiday in advance

On company level in the salary documents, you will find the report "Vacation pay liability Details". This report provides you with an overview of the outstanding holiday in advance debt for an employee. At the bottom of the report you will find the line "Variable Debt Taken in advance."

What happens to the remaining advance holiday in the end of the year transit?

At the end of the year, the days of holiday in advance are reset. To entitle an employee to new holiday in advance, you also use wage code 3604 to warrant the employee's new holiday in advance.

What happens with the holiday in advance when an employee has worked for more than 5 years?

If an employee has been employed for more than 5 years the employee's holiday in advance debt automatically disappears. 

Manual input of holiday in advance debt

If you are implementing a new company in Nmbrs, use wage code 3625 to indicate how much employee's current debt is of holiday in advance.

I what order does Nmbrs pick holiday days?

  1. Entitled holiday days
  1. Saved holiday days
  2. Holiday in advance
  3. Unpaid holiday days



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