National holiday model

It is possible to apply a national holiday model on a company. By doing this, the dates which are defined in this model and that overlaps with the defined schedule for an employee will count as weekend. Also, leave requests which overlaps with a defined national holiday will not result in a day decreased from the employee holiday saldo.

For example, if the 1st of January is defined as a national holiday in the holiday mode lapplied on the company and an employee sends in a leave request for the 1st until the 3rd of January, only 2 days will be deducted from the holiday saldo, since the 1st day (the 1st of January) already counts as a day off.

There is a system template model which can be applplied on the company called ”Default holiday model” (SE: Allmän helgdag”). You apply this default template holiday model by going to the dashlet ”Leave settings” on company level. By clicking on the ”Holiday model” you are able to choose the default template in the drop down menu. In order to see which dates are included in the holiday model, please go to the details page by pressing ”More” and scroll down to the dashlet Company Holiday Model.


If you wish to add more or remove dates as national holidays you are able to set up your own holiday model. You do this by going to HRM Settings on Masterlevel and press ”Holidays”.


To create a new model, go to the tab ”Models” and then choose ”New model”. Please fill in for which year the holiday model should apply for and add a description of the model. Then press ”Save”.

Then go back to the tab ”Holidays” and choose the new model in the drop down menu.


In order to add which dates should be applied as national holidays in this holiday model, you press ”+ New holiday”. Please pick a date in the period picker and type a description of this specific day. The press ”Save”. After you have added all the dates to the holiday model, you can go to the company level dashlet ”Leave Settings” and pick it in the drop down menu. These days will then be marked in red in the time registration for the employees in that company.




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