New Look & Feel Nmbrs Header + Sandbox

With the update of next Thursday October 29, we will implement some improvements in the look & feel of Nmbrs.

There will be changes in the location of the logo, the design of some buttons in the header and the overall color of the sandbox. With this change, we will also automatically scale logos so that they are displayed in a better way.

If there is now a logo that is not scaled properly, it will still be made to fit. It is therefore possible that logos that are now invisible, will become visible after the update. The following article explains how to check whether a logo is already present:
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New Look & Feel Live:New_design_Nmbrs.jpg

New Look & Feel Sandbox:New_design_Sandbox.jpg


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    Martine Janzen

    Due to quality reasons, we have decided to postpone the launch of this new look & feel. We aim to bring this live with the update on Thursday November 5.

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    Martine Janzen

    This new Look & Feel went live with tonight's update.

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