Two Factor Authentication Mobile App (ESS)

For our mobile Nmbrs® App we decided to add an extra security layer through Two Factor Authentication. This security solution provides the app with an extra layer of protection. This validation is a one-time operation that must be performed.


What does this mean for your customers and employees?
Please inform all your customers and their employees about this upcoming change. We start migrating customers from Friday the 22nd of May onward. We will inform every environment owner a week in advance with a separate email before we migrate the environment, so there is time to notify your customer and employees.
The moment we migrate all the employees who use the mobile application will be logged out. After this, you must log in once with the additional authentication, which is permanent afterwards.
On Friday the 28th of August all remaining customers will be transferred to the two factor authentication.


What do they need to do?
When they are logged out, they need to log in again. This is mainly done in the usual way.
  1. Enter your domain
  2. Enter your login details. This can be done through a combination of email address & password, or via Google Sign-In.
  3. Two Factor Autenthication: you need to authorize your account with an extra step. Only happens the first time the employee logs in. An email will be sent with a code to your email address. You must enter this code here.
  4. Verification: Continue with the verification here. This is a PIN, your Touch-ID (fingerprint recognition), or your Face-ID (face recognition).
When the above steps have been completed, the mobile app can be used as usual. In case you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.
See this article about the use of the Mobile App:


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