Step 6 Evaluation


Every implementation has to be evaluated, not all things may have gone satisfactorily. It is important to include these issues in the evaluation. We evaluate the project together with all project members.

The evaluation also serves to streamline the final use with the wishes and expectations. We would also like to hear whether you are missing any functionalities or expected otherwise. And you can also help us with the "lessons learned".

After the evaluation, the transition to the regular customer support flow is started. How does support work at Nmbrs®?

Work efficiently with Nmbrs

Automatic pay runs, run checks and the workflow make working with Nmbrs very efficient. Now that the implementation has been completed, you can dot the i's and organize Nmbrs optimally. Because the possibilities are very extensive, we have made an article for this;

Implementation check

An implementation of a new software program can be very challenging. Some parts may have been overlooked, so it is a good idea to go through the following parts again.

You can thus give your employees and HR managers different rights.

To use Nmbrs as efficiently as possible, you can automate many tasks.

General ledger accounts can be adjusted.

You can create different default employees, so that certain settings can be pre-filled. It can be useful to create a permanent trainee, a call employee and a permanent employee.


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