Up & Go Sessions Business Small

Below are the sessions that are part of the Up & Go Business Small program. For each step, the topics are described and an estimate is given of the number of hours needed. The amount of onsite and remote support can be agreed upon. Note: preparatory work is not included in these hours!

Inventory (2 hours)______________________________________________________________

  • Welcoming and introduction
  • Expectations and wishes
  • Companies and employees
  • Terms and conditions of employment and regulations
  • HR processes (leave, absence, approval of mutations, signals, logins)
  • Integrations
  • Explanation of conversion file employees
  • Create login for consultant


Setup & Import (6 hours)______________________________________________________________


  • Company data
  • Social security (SVW)
  • Wage & hour model
  • Schedule
  • (Hour) reservations
  • Pension
  • Salary table
  • General ledger accounting scheme
  • Cost centers
  • Employees
  • Fixed wage components employees


  • Departments
  • Functions
  • Managers
  • Leave
  • Absence
  • Mutation forms requester
  • Signals
  • Check employee data
  • Activate integrations


Check & Explanation (6 hours)______________________________________________________________

  • Explanation of system layers (master, client, employee)
  • Explanation of periodical salary processing based on first-time payment
  • Check pay slips (sample)
  • Second payment (if first payment is correct)
  • Set up workflow(s)
  • Finetuning
  • Explanation of HR modules


Completion (2 hours)______________________________________________________________

  • Set up templates for employees and managers for logins
  • Explanation on how to provide ESS/MSS logins
  • Preparations for going live on the 1st of January, including checklist
  • Discuss possible need for additional support in future
  • Remove login of consultant
  • Closing including signature of delivery document



  • Final evaluation by phone with Nmbrs®
  • Explanation of regular support flow
  • Explanation of training possibilities

Extra points of interest:

  • For the training it is recommended to have a room with beamer or screen available.
  • If the Nmbrs® converters are used, they should be tested and activated preferably before the start of the inventory appointment. With some software suppliers, the supplier has to grant certain rights to execute the converter. This may cause unnecessary delays otherwise. For questions and / or problems regarding the converter, you can contact Nmbrs® Support. It is possible that Payroll Solutions takes over work from the Client or performs additional work. Above given hours are indicative and may vary.


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