Migration for Accountant Contactpersons on the 3rd of April

In our update notes of March 5, we have announced that some changes will be made for the existing "Accountant Contacts" currently registered in the application. Partly a technical story, which we would like to communicate clearly about.

Why is Nmbrs performing this migration?

There are two main reasons why it is necessary to provide the contacts with a login. Below you can read our motivation:

  1. For compliance purposes, we want to ensure that information sent from the application is received by a person who actually has access to the Nmbrs® environment. We will implement this later on as well for managers and business contacts.
  2. Persons who are involved in workflows, such as the Payroll Workflow and the HR Workflow, must actually be able to log in and possibly take action.

When will this migration take place?

On Friday April 3, 2020 we will create a login for already registered Accountant Contact persons. Important to know: We will not activate these logins.

When will Nmbrs create a login?

In the following situations, we will create a login for a accountant contact person:

  1. During the migration it appears that there is already a user account for the e-mail address of a contact person. Before we link these together, we check whether the user account is linked to debtor tags. If the account (based on the tags) does not have access to the relevant debtor, we will create an extra account.
  2. If it appears that there is no existing accountant login, we will create a user account based on the template "Debtor management". The filter will be set to 'all debtors' by default.

We will not activate the user accounts created with this migration. So it's possible to change the template and the filter of the login, for example. All setup? Then the login can be activated at a time of your choosing.

When does Nmbrs not create a login?

In the following situations, we will not create a login for a contact person:

  1. During the migration we see that the email address of an "accountant contact person" is already present as a user account (this includes all accountant login templates except the "accountant viewer" template) and there are sufficient rights for the relevant debtor. In that case we will link the user account to the accountant contact person and not create a new login.

Am I able to delete the login?

You are in charge when it comes to deleting the login. When deleting the login, the registered Accountant Contact person will also be deleted. 

Does anything change in the use of Nmbrs?

The "Accountant contact person" dashlet at the master level will be removed.


Furthermore, nothing will change in the use of Nmbrs. By making user accounts available to these persons, we offer the possibility of more interaction with the persons in Nmbrs who are currently selected in workflows. The final goal? Make payroll administration and HR processes even easier and more efficient.


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