New password policy

We believe that in respect to today’s standards for adequate password policies we need to implement an upgrade to the password policy of Nmbrs®.
For this reason, we are improving the password strength.


What does this mean for you?
From December 11, Nmbrs® will only support our ‘strong password policy’. This policy contains the following requirements for passwords:
  •  Minimum 8 characters in length
  •  Needs to contain uppercase letters
  •  Needs to contain lowercase letters
  •  Needs to contain numbers
  •  Needs to contain at least one of these symbols !@%#$...


Do I need to reset my password on December 11th?
For existing passwords, the system will still allow you to log in. But, we as Nmbrs® advise all of our users to reset their password to increase the complexity and therefore a better protection on your access to Nmbrs®. New user accounts and password resets on existing accounts will automatically follow the requirements as mentioned above. 


Will Nmbrs reject passwords not using the strong requirements?
Three months after this policy change, Nmbrs® will do a check on user accounts which didn’t do a password reset. For those user accounts, we will force a password reset in order to guarantee that all of our users are protected by our strong password policy. If you have any questions, we’re glad to help you.


Is there any documentation available for my customers?
Documentation for employees: Employee page
Documentation for other logins: Client page 


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