Adding action points for a debtor

Action Point debtor

You can add action points at debtor level and choose to send these to contact persons. Contact persons who will receive action points can be specified under HR Signal settings. 

Please note: debtor action points are not sent to the company contact.
When you complete an action point, it will be hidden after 3 months. For instance, if the action point is completed on 16-08-2017, it will be hidden as of 16-11-2017.

Adding Action Point for Accountants

The video below shows how action points for a debtor can be added. In the remainder of the article the steps are also explained:


For a textual description, follow the steps below. 

Select a debtor and click the Action Points icon.



Click on Add Action Point




Select the type of action point. If the type is not in the list, click the plus sign to add a new type.

Adding value


1. Enter the name.

2. Click Add.

3. Click the cross at the top left.

Adding Action point


You can now select the newly created type from the list. Fill in an Action Date and a Description and click Save.

The action point has now been added.

Action Points

At debtor level you will see the debtor action points, company action points and employee action points.



  • A red action point means the date for the action point has expired.
  • A grey action point means the action point is concluded.
  • A white action point means the action point is yet to be carried out.



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