Client has discontinued: end the administration

When a client is discontinued, you can perform the following actions to remove him from the list of debtors/companies and to end the invoicing:

End period

Jou enter the last period which has been processed for this company at 'End Period' under 'Company Settings' on the 'Settings' tab at company level. As a result the Annual Report will already be prepared and made available under Payroll documents. The employees will also be able to see their annual statement in their ESS.




If you invoice the client via the invoicing module offered by Nmbrs, you will have to add a new service level at the highest level. You can, for instance, call this 'Discontinued' and you no longer add products here. To create a new service level, go to 'Service level management' under 'Invoicing' at master level.


After you have created the new service level, you can activate this at debtor level by going to 'Service Level' under 'Information'. You activate the new service level in the period after the accounting records have ended.


Debtor management

In due course you may no longer wish to see the client in your list of debtors and companies. If so, you can set the client to 'hidden' under 'Debtor management' at master level under the Settings tab. This can always be undone by making the client 'visible' again. Please note: if the client still has access to his accounting records, this will no longer be possible when the status is 'hidden'.


User Accounts

Employee logins can be deleted and, if required, created again as Payslip viewers. In this way employees can keep track of their payslip and annual statements, but requests and changes can no longer be made.


If you have entered an end date, automatic notifications will no longer be sent from that date. This does not apply to action points. These are scheduled for a specific day, irrespective of the end period of the company, and can still be used even when the client is discontinued. You can untick or delete the action points yourself.

Wage tax declaration via automatic workflow

When a company is discontinued, the Payroll tax return actions within the workflow have to be deactivated. If these actions are not marked as active, no notifications regarding the payroll tax return will be sent for discontinued accounting records. In the near future we'll be implementing a modification so that manual deactivation will no longer be necessary.


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