Rebuild previous year or periods before starting with Visma Nmbrs

Occasionally, you may need to make a correction in your bookkeeping from past periods/years in which you were not yet working with Visma Nmbrs.

The only way to do this is to create a second company in Visma Nmbrs.

It is not possible to manually adjust the company starting period to a period/year has already been paid out.

You must follow the steps below.

  1. Recreate the administration based on data already known to the tax authorities.
  2. Temporarily de-link the wage tax number from the 'current company' and tick to activate it for the 'new reconstructed company'.Please note: Do not create a new payroll tax number, but actually untick it for the 'current company' and then tick to activate the 'new reconstructed company'.
  3. Send the wage tax declaration as 'Marked as sent'.
  4. Make the desired corrections.
  5. Send the wage tax declaration correction.
  6. Untick the payroll tax number for the 'new reconstructed company' and re-tick it for the 'current company'.

You can see below where you can untick the payroll tax number. Use the menu button (1) at the company level to go to 'Wage tax number' (1) under 'Salary Settings' (2).



Once you are in the Wage tax number, you can edit the contents by clicking on the line.



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